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sophia katz wrote the book ‘the title of this book is an inside joke’, which will be published by ‘sad girl house’ in february

she lives in toronto

you can read her writing here, here, & here

here are my favorite take-aways from her responses:

'i find that my work & also the work of my peers treads the very fine line between sincerity & embellishment all the time'

'i don't know if anyone “should” know or care about anything [..] i feel like existing on this earth is stressful enough without one extra person telling you what you “should” know or care about.'

'the internet has assisted me in probably 99% of my professional & personal interactions that i've ever had.'

'be until you can't anymore, i guess'

'i think i'd be lying if i said that there was any real process to writing this book.'

"no rules" by peter bd


Sophia Katz is cool as fuck.
If you didn’t know that already, read her stuff:
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The Stages of Missing Someone You Barely Know

Five On It: Sarah Jean Alexander



I knew and followed sarahjeanalex long before I ever met Sarah Jean Alexander, and in fact she’s I think the first person I knew exclusively from Tumblr who I became friends with IRL. At the time, I think 2011 or 2012, I had just finished my first Hey Teebs zine and jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk aka Adam J Kurtz told me about his poet BFF in Baltimore who was making work of a similar tenor as mine. What started was a beautiful admiration of each other from afar: I read her stuff hungrily and sent her zines, and we met once in the city when she and Adam came to a reading I organized. She said she was planning a move to Brooklyn, and introduced me to lk-shaw and gabbybess before they were I think going to a Tao Lin reading at Powerhouse books? Yes, that’s it. Anyway now she lives here and we see each other at readings all the time and every time I see her IRL it makes me feel a little nostalgic and very very happy. Her first book of poetry and short stories, Wildlives, is forthcoming from Big Lucks Books in spring 2015. She has lived in Maryland, Alabama, South Korea, North Carolina, and New York, and has maintained a healthy fear of dead fish her entire life. She tweets at @sarahjeanalex    

1. What’s the last song you listened to?

2.What did you want to be when you were ten?

  • When I was ten years old I wanted to be a squirrel.

3. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

  • I’ve learned everything worth knowing in my life from Blair Waldorf.


4. What’s the last thing you were obsessed with?

  • I’m obsessed with so much.The fried chicken at Commodore in Williamsburg.


  • This illustration my friend Nick Iluzada did for Oprah magazine on the power of harnessing sleep:




  • Lauren Cook's self-portraits as Baby, and nearly everything they post online:


  • This picture of a young Keanu Reeves:


5. Give me some poems or poets you’ve been taken with, recently—

  • Lately I’ve mostly been reading novels. The last few I’ve read are Women by Chloe Caldwell, Nobody Is Ever Missing by Catherine Lacey, Crystal Eaters by Shane Jones, How To Catch A Coyote by Christie Crutchfield, and Harry Potters 1-4. I am excited as hell to read Stacey Teague’s new book of poetry, Takahē, from Scrambler books.


footage of internet poet doing salvia

some things that are happening currently

some people will actively try to percieve you in the way they will like to

seems fine, ive kind of come to the conclusion that i have no real personality

seems like my brand is just how i act around people all the time

i want my writing to be a part of people’s lives

like newspapers

like an estranged father trying to get back in touch

i want people to be mutually in remorse like the anniversary of a tragic event after reading one of my short stories

i am in a shitty spot currently with creativity, but that doesn’t mean i cant really do anything

i remember i didnt write for 6 months once

seems like totally fucked

im not willing to waste my time anymore

im not interested if i feel creative or not

im not interested in the final outcome of my writing

it doesnt seem to matter, i dont really see the correlation there

ive never felt so confident in my work before

i have something coming out on 22nd century lit on Oct 2

seems forever from now lol


Change is scary but I guess most things are pretty scary. I just want to do the right thing all the time and I want to be happy but today I came home to my dog who jumps really high when I walk in the door. I fed him and now I’m gonna walk him and he’s a good thing and I have some really great things and I need to stay focused on that, and on the fact that everything is always going to be

Anonymous said: Are you Youtube com/penguinz0

i cant decide if this is someone advertising their youtube channel or not

is this person me


omg i wish this was me

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